About Brent Nageli


When Brent Nageli was a child he learned that he was COLORBLIND and he thought that the world of artistic creation would elude him forever.  Brent met an oil painting instructor who told him that being colorblind didn’t matter, and that he could teach him how to oil paint. “He invited me to his studio, and he changed my life that very day.”  

Nageli made a decision to quit his corporate job, and moved from Utah to Arizona to pursue his art career. He now resides in Greenehaven Arizona, overlooking the grandeur and serenity of Lake Powell.

Today, Brent focuses on portraying Native American’s pottery and artifacts, and a lifelong interest in the Southwest. He also paints bright colored Buffalo, and through his paintings, the ancient treasures live on, and tell a story for everyone to hear.

Nageli has shown his work in Southwest Art, Art of the West, and  Western Art Collector magazines, along with several newspapers. He has been represented by galleries in Tubac, Tucson, CareFree, Mountain Oyster Club, Sedona, Santa Fe, Jackson Hole, and Florida.


“I believe in respect for all things past and present and honor life, and the earth, and the ancient artists that came before us.

My mission in life is to share with the world the vivid past that forms the traditions and history of one of the world’s greatest cultures, and iconic animals of the West.” ~ Brent Negeli

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